indivisual studio is a young and dynamic company, formed through love for design by a group of creative individuals and a name that's backed up with 18 years of experience in the field of visual communications and public relations.

Our goal is to create masterpieces that will make your business shine and our egos soar. We spare no creativity, even at the smallest of jobs, yet we're agile enough to take on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Simply put – we love design!

indivisual [in-duh-vizh-oo-uh-l]

The word "indivisual" is a compound of words "individual" and "visual" and briefly explains our company's business philosophy - creating individualised and visually distinctive projects in our line of work.

We specialise in field of visual communications - meaning every way of addressing the public and creating corporative and personal image, over all types of media.

indivisual treatment

• branding and identity
• print design of all shapes and sizes
• 2D & 3D animation, motion design and video editing
• web development and web hosting
• various types of digital publications
• event organisation
• creation of public relations
• market research
• consulting on design, marketing and promotions

Our new portfolio is currently under construction.

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indivisual studio d.o.o.
Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

tel: +387 66 906 906